Elegant Yachting team is all for tailoring exclusive charter experience, precisely because every traveller has certain preferences and aspirations, and likely is seeking for a perfect tool to help in their pursuit of bespoke holiday adventure.

Seychelles really do verge on near perfection: waters that glisten under an equatorial sun, sweeping white bays, swaying palms, stunning hotels, unparalleled biodiversity, living things one can only see in the Seychelles, one of its kind ambiance and culture. What lies beyond coastlines is our expertise. Seychelles Archipelago is a perfect canvas and here we call you, traveller, to paint it any color you wish. Our charter portfolio consists of more then dozen yachts to explore the Seychelles waters on, expert crew will add the heart to it and guide you around world’s most beautiful sugar-like beaches, crystal clear waters, will delight you with local cuisine and exceed your every expectation. Whether it is a family vacation and you would like to explore the jewels of Inner Islands, or you are a fanatical angler who wishes to go beyond - there is a charter itinerary we will
design for you.