Game fish normally associated with oceanic surface habitat make good candidates for some incredible popping action, with varying degrees of fighting depending on the species. Sailfish, dorados, wahoo, yellow fin tuna and other tunas, giant and bluefin trevallies, rainbow runners, yellowtail and skipjacks are all popular pelagic targets. Unlike trolling, casting and jigging are very active fishing techniques. There’s nothing like watching a big tuna explode on a popper or a powerful attack of a dogtooth tuna, the thrill of the dancing Sailfish caught on slider and the despair of the disappearing braided line, meter by meter spooled away by a monster fish.

Light action and smaller in size tunas, variety of trevallies, green jobfish and snappers, few dogtooth and sailfish may be expected within Inner Group (10-15 Nmiles off Mahe coast), larger dogtooth (of 20/30 kg + ) could be found at the "drop off",as well as larger in numbers Sailfish.  

Outer Islands - this is where our extreme monster expeditions take us for whole lot of a different fishing experience. Similar to the Inner group in terms of the species, but larger in numbers and sizes, wider fishing grounds, more opportunities for a dream catch. In the Amirantes Group and Providence Atoll we are targeting GTs, large yellow fin (40kg+) and sailfish on casting, ruby snappers, groupers and dogtooth tunas (50kg+) on jigging. Prepare 200-350g jigs in average, more of a medium heavy to heavy tackle, and - definitely - muscle up, extreme monster fishing would be inevitable. 

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